big turn

During the biennial service, we check your car on a large number of important points. We change the engine oil, replace the oil and cabin filter, replace the air filter, fuel filter, spark plugs (gasoline), clean and check your brakes. All parts of the car are checked for operation, wear and possible damage. This way you always and everywhere have insight into the technical condition of your car.

Why a big turn?

Your car manufacturer prescribes that you regularly maintenance performed on your car. This way the car continues to drive safely and any wear and tear is identified and remedied in time. This can save you suffering in the future, as broken parts can cause even more damage to your car.

Skipping the major service can lead to you continuing to drive a potentially unreliable car for too long.

When does my car need a major service?

Before the major overhaul, adhere to the following maintenance schedule:

Do you drive an older car (6-7 years or older)? Then a major service is required after every 2 years or after every 30,000 kilometers.

Do you drive a newer car (less than 6 years old)? Then a message will usually appear on your dashboard when it is time for a (major) maintenance.

What is the difference between the MOT, small service and major service?

The APK is an annual mandatory inspection, the small turn falls under standard maintenance of your car. Just like the big turn, it is only much more extensive and includes different (and more) checkpoints than the small turn.

The mechanic performs major maintenance on your car based on an extensive checklist. This checklist includes the following items:

  • Only change the oil with top brand Kroon Oil oil
  • Replace oil filter
  • Replace air filter
  • Replace interior filter
  • Replace spark plugs (petrol)
  • Replace fuel filter
  • Refill windshield washer fluid
  • Read vehicle fault codes
  • Battery check
  • Brake inspection and cleaning
  • Tire inspection
  • Check the operation of the air conditioning system
  • 40 additional inspection items
  • Full inspection overview incl. advice on periodically replacing parts

It may happen that certain parts need to be replaced. In that case, our service employee will make a quotation for you, to avoid surprises afterwards.