Mediate damage and damage repair

Do you have damage to your passenger car, oldtimer, truck or caravan? Then it is important that the damage is appraised professionally, so that the process with the insurance goes smoothly. Faay Auto Groep is a recognized appraisal company for all your car appraisal mediation in Nieuwegein. We can carry out damage assessments as well as assessments for tax or insurance reasons.

How does car appraisal mediation work?

The first question is whether the damage can still be repaired. If this is not the case, i.e. your car is a total loss, we will draw up a thorough current value survey for you. The residual value of your car will be determined in consultation with the VBV foundation. This foundation consists of recognized buyers and therefore has a lot of knowledge in this area. If the damage to the car can be repaired, this can also be done without a repair order. Then a calculation is made of the visible damage to your car on the expert date.

We, as your partner for car appraisal mediation, will discuss this with the damage repairer. The expertise preferably takes place on the first day of the repair. This way we can ensure that the repair is supervised in the right way. If there is no intervention by a loss adjuster, an invoice check may be carried out. Then the repairer's data will be checked for possible errors.

Need a valuation report?

You can also have an appraisal report drawn up without car damage. Then the value of the car is determined based on characteristics and condition. If you then become involved in an accident through no fault of your own, the insurer of the other party must pay out the damage payment on the basis of the appraised value. If you do not have an appraisal report, this will be done on the basis of the current value.