oil change

Regularly checking the oil level of your car and changing the oil is important for maintaining the performance of your engine. Too little or contaminated engine oil causes performance to deteriorate and can even cause damage to your engine.

The role of engine oil

Motor oil is essential for the lubrication, fuel consumption and cooling of your engine. Moving parts wear less quickly, so that the engine of your car continues to run smoothly. Oil also absorbs the dirt floating around in the engine, such as combustion residues and metal particles that we can hardly see with the naked eye. This reduces the purity of the engine oil. The viscosity, or the thickness of the engine oil, decreases and the quality of the lubrication deteriorates. As a result, the car runs less smoothly, pollutes more and, in the worst case, can even break down. You can prevent this by timely changing your oil and replacing the oil filter.

The right engine oil for your car

It is important that you choose the right engine oil for your car, but which oil do you need? This depends, among other things, on the age of your car. Engine oil plays a vital role in the performance and condition of your engine, so choosing a good quality engine oil is crucial. Although the costs for this are usually slightly higher, you will experience less wear and tear in the longer term, repairs will be less necessary and you will use less fuel. Our specialists are happy to tell you which oil is most suitable for your car.

oil change

The cost of changing the oil depends on the type and age of your car. Through Faay Auto Group you get a guaranteed price for your car based on the factory specifications. This way you know exactly where you stand and you never pay too much.