Rust treatment

Rust is caused by a car picking up dirt due to weather conditions. In combination with brine, this creates a breeding ground for rust. In the worst case, new sheet metal must be placed in the car.

Rust can be costly

Failure to address or prevent rust spots can cause rotten spots in the sheet metal. In the worst case, new sheet metal must be placed in the car. A costly repair that can be prevented by rust prevention of the car.

Treat rust preventively

Car rust protection treatment can be done by the owner himself or left to a professional. There are several ways to treat the car against rust. First of all, the car must be thoroughly cleaned. Don't forget to take the hard-to-reach places with you. If no rust spots are visible yet, the car can be sprayed with an anti-rust agent, such as Tectyl or Dinitrol, after drying. Once that has happened, the car must drain well and be thoroughly cleaned again for optimal results.

Anti-rust treatment by Faay Auto Group

If rust spots are already visible, a different approach is needed. Before the car can be injected with an anti-rust agent, the current rust spots will have to be removed. There are various resources available for this, but it is wiser to leave this to professionals. These put the car on the bridge, so that the hard-to-reach places of the body can also be tackled properly. When the rust spots have been properly repaired or eliminated, you can proceed to the anti-rust treatment of the car.

Prevention is better than cure. This certainly applies to rust spots on a car. Spray the car itself annually with Tectyl or Dinitrol to protect the car against rust. Or have it carried out at our garage for optimal treatment. There we can further reduce the risk of rust on the underside and hollow spots under the car by galvanizing the bodywork.