APK inspection

The General Periodic Inspection (APK) is a legally required inspection in Europe to promote road safety and protect the environment. The inspection obligation and the regulations are laid down in the Road Traffic Act 1994.

The RDW will send you 6 weeks before the APK a letter reminding you of the inspection expires on your vehicle. You will receive this reminder by post or – if you have set this up – via your Message Box. As the owner of a vehicle, you always remain responsible for having a vehicle inspected on time.

When and how often to inspect APK
If you own a car, it is important to know whether and when this MOT must be approved. If your car is subject to MOT, you are not allowed to drive without a valid MOT. If you do, you will receive a fine from the RDW or the police. If you have an accident with an unapproved vehicle, your insurance company may not pay out.

Not tested before
If your vehicle has not been inspected before, you can see in the APK inspection schedule when your vehicle was first inspected. APK must be inspected. You can also read from this how often you have to have your vehicle inspected.

Previously inspected
If your vehicle has been inspected before, you can look up the expiry date of the APK inspection with the RDW license plate check or on your APK inspection report. The vehicle must be re-approved before this date.

Change fuel
If your vehicle's fuel changes, your vehicle may need to be inspected sooner and from then on more or less often.