car tires

Good tires are important for safe kilometers. That's why you buy your car tires at Faay Auto Group! Always the best advice and competitive prices. Whether you are looking for summer-, winter- or 4-season tyres, you've come to the right place.

We automatically determine the size of tires for your car based on your registration number.

The best brands and quickly installed

Good tires are important for safe kilometers. After all, your tires are the only contact between your car and the road. We have a huge range of tires that we can quickly fit for you. Balancing is also important, because it causes less vibration in the steering wheel and you also save considerably on fuel. We also take care of aligning the wheels. If this is necessary, we can recognize this from the wear pattern on your old tires.

When should you replace your car tires?

The legal minimum tread depth for car tires is 1.6 mm. For optimum safety, we recommend having your tires replaced at 2 mm. If you drive on winter tires, we recommend driving with a profile depth of at least 4 mm.

When to change tyres?

Make sure you drive with the right tires every season. The profile of a winter tire is different from that of a summer tyre. As a result, a summer tire has less grip on wet and snowy roads at low temperatures. With higher temperatures, the braking distance is a lot shorter with summer tires. If you don't make many kilometers and don't drive in winter weather, 4-season tires are a smart option.

March/April: time for summer tires

October/November: time for winter tires

What is the correct tire pressure?

This differs per band. Proper tire pressure is important for tire performance. With a tire pressure that is too high or too low, your car uses more fuel and your tires wear out faster. In addition, you have less grip on the road and the chance of a blowout increases. View our tire pressure table for more information or visit us. We will inflate your tires for free.