Summer tires

What is a summer tyre?

A summer tire is fitted when temperatures start to rise, usually in March or April. So the beginning of spring. In contrast to winter tyres, a summer tire does not have sipes, but wide grooves. This ensures that you continue to drive optimally and safely in summer conditions.

Time for summer tires

Summer tires perform best in normal Dutch weather conditions, dry weather and temperatures above 7 ºC. These weather conditions are usually between March and October. Are you driving on winter tires and is it warmer than 7 ºC? Then switching to summer tires is recommended!

The tire change

As soon as the temperatures rise above 7 degrees, it is time for the big tire change in the Netherlands. Usually this is in the period around March / April. Then the winter tires go into storage and the summer tires come out again. Driving on summer tires in the summer time increases both the driving comfort and the safety of your car.

Tip: Change your tires before you go on holiday, because in some countries it is forbidden to drive on winter tires in the summer. You risk a hefty fine.

Tire storage

When changing to summer tires you can store your winter tires in your garage. If you don't have one or don't have space left, we have the solution. Faay Auto Group can store your summer and winter tires until they can be used again.

Why summer tyres?

In warmer weather, the summer tire is the safest tyre. A good summer tire provides more grip on the road and a shorter braking distance in milder weather conditions. If you were to continue driving on winter tires at a temperature above 7 degrees, you would have a much longer braking distance, which would make you slip faster. This naturally has an effect on road safety.

Tread depth for summer tires

Tires give you grip, optimal braking power and good handling. The tread depth of summer tires plays a major role in this. When you buy new summer tires, the tread depth is about 8 mm. The legally required minimum tread depth is 1.6 mm. We recommend replacing your summer tires with a tread depth of 2 mm or less. Then you know for sure that you are in the right place.