Complete engines

Installing a new engine block

In practice, we deal a lot with engine damage concerning cars, some of the many causes can often be traced back to overheating of the engine, an oil shortage or maintenance that has been delayed for too long (causing problems with the distribution, for example).

In these cases we carry out a careful diagnosis on the engine block.

Sometimes it is immediately clear what the problem is, in other cases a more extensive diagnosis is required. Pressurize the cooling system, perform leak tests, measure compression, and other diagnostic methods.
In a number of cases, making a diagnosis even means that a number of parts are already dismantled and, for example, the cylinder head is lifted.
Faay Auto Groep has the right equipment to read the car's computer (engine management system). This often makes finding a malfunction easier.

In addition to installing the new engine block

There are numerous seals (gaskets and rings) that need to be replaced. Furthermore, the oil and oil filter must be replaced according to factory instructions, you can see this as a small maintenance service, the mechanic pays attention to the quantity and viscosity. Subsequently, it is always under the guise of quality preservation that the timing belt and water pump must be replaced.

If the intake manifold is dirty, it will receive a deep cleaning. This prevents the new engine from breaking down.