ECU repair

It is possible that your ecu has been damaged by connecting it to the wrong equipment. For example, it often happens that ECU breaks down after improper chip tuning of your car.

Since we have extensive knowledge about the operation of ECUs, we can repair almost any engine ECU with software. without replacing it.

We can reprogram the entire ECU with special equipment. So even if the ECU is no longer accessible via OBD, we can repair your ECU.

If it really is not possible to restore your ECU by adjusting the ECU software. Can we still help you by replacing the ECU with a refurbished ECU. This works just as well as a new one from the dealer, but is much cheaper.

By cloning the ECU, we ensure that this refurbished ECU works well on your car.

Ecu repair by ecu cloning

If the ECU is beyond saving and is really broken, cloning the ECU is the only repair that is possible.

We clone the defective ECU in its entirety to a properly functioning ECU. This can be a new ECU, but we usually use a refurbished ECU for this.