Service interval

Small turn, big turn you probably know it. But I think few people know exactly what you get for your money. Of course it is possible to maintain with any brand at Faay Auto Groep.

Small maintenance

The regular minor service takes place every year or at up to 15,000 km, whichever comes first.

During the minor service, the mechanic performs the following activities, among other things:

  • Change engine oil and oil filter – the oil provides lubrication in the engine. The properties of motor oil deteriorate over time, so that your engine performs less well. Goedhart only uses the best quality oil. To guarantee good lubrication, it is therefore important to stick to the maintenance theme.
  • Check exhaust system for leaks and mounting
  • Check the brake system for leaks, damage and wear
  • Reset service interval indication and place service sticker
  • You can continue your journey! With a safe car you can wear some more miles.

“Did you know that your car becomes more economical if you maintain it properly?”

In summary: a small service is essential to keep your car in good condition. You will also be less likely to be surprised at the APK.

Major overhaul

The regular major service takes place every two or at a maximum of 30,000 km, whichever comes first.

It is a reasonable list, but it ensures that you are always safe on the road and the life of the car is extended.

  • Change engine oil and oil filter
  • Check windshield wipers and washers and adjust if necessary
  • Top up washer fluid if necessary
  • Check engine compartment for damage and leaks
  • Check battery
  • Check Cooling System for Freeze Protection
  • Check gearbox oil level
  • Reset the service interval indicator and place the service sticker
  • Lubricate door catches and door mountings
  • Check interior lighting, control lamps and 12V connection points for function
  • Visual inspection of the airbag
  • Check exterior lighting and headlight adjustment
  • Check windscreen for damage
  • Check bodywork for damage
  • If applicable, check and lubricate the sunroof
  • Check the brake system for wear and leaks
  • Check tires, including repair kit for your spare wheel
  • Check exhaust system for leaks and mounting
  • Check shock absorbers and suspension
  • Check ball joints, shaft bearings and coupling rod bearings for damage
  • Check tie rods for play and dust caps for damage

Faay car group thinks with you
To avoid unpleasant surprises, we always let you know in advance what the maintenance will cost. To make things easier, we have loaner cars in stock. It is even possible that we pick up and deliver the car. This is of course by appointment.

Is there a service light on your dashboard already?