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How do you recognize if your machine is broken? What options are there? Which options are best for your situation? We try to advise you in this. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

How do you recognize if your machine is broken?

  • If at idle the car no longer crawls when the box is warm and then drives away with a big shock. You can test this by driving for at least 30 minutes, then slowly shifting gears at a standstill and then in position P with the idle speed arrows.
  • Waiting in gear “D” or “R” may indicate hydraulic control device, worn, broken or dried out seals, faulty solenoid.
  • If the gearbox makes all kinds of noises. Screech, rattle, rattle.
  • Wear of the bearings can usually be heard.
  • The gearbox also makes more noise when the gearbox gears are worn or damaged.
  • The spacers between the sprockets may be worn. This creates lateral play. This axial play sometimes causes the gear to jump out of gear and a noisy gearbox.
  • Too much oil in your machine can cause malfunctions, foam and cause fluid loss.

After a diagnosis, we can immediately indicate whether we can repair, overhaul or replace your machine.

Don't keep driving with noises from your machine!

It is wise to have a machine with noise checked as soon as possible. Prevent the repair or overhaul from becoming very expensive and contact us immediately. Faay Auto Groep has the knowledge and equipment in-house to carry out a diagnosis and to advise you on the options for overhauling or repairing your machine.