Timing belts and chains

One car has a timing belt and the other has a timing chain. The belt or chain drives the camshaft via the crankshaft, which in turn operate the intake valves and exhaust valves. Without a belt or chain, the engine cannot run, otherwise the valves will not open and close at the correct time.

But what exactly is the difference between a belt and a chain and which one does my car have? The engine of most modern cars has a timing belt. The timing belt is a toothed belt made of a strong plastic. Thanks to this material, the belt is flexible and strong. Nowadays, manufacturers are increasingly using a belt instead of a chain. This has to do with the increasingly compact and lighter engines. In addition, a belt is also quieter than a chain. For all these reasons, a timing belt is increasingly being used. However, it is not the case that cars no longer have timing chains. Cars are still being produced that do have a chain. This chain consists of links and is made of hardened steel. Thanks to the material, a chain is more durable than a belt and needs to be replaced less often.

It is important to know if your car has a timing belt or timing chain. The chain is maintenance-free, while the timing belt has a replacement interval. You can find out whether your car has a timing belt or timing chain in your car's owner's manual.

It is difficult to determine exactly when a timing belt needs to be replaced. This depends, among other things, on the make and type of car you have. Each brand and type is supplied with a different motor and belt. A guideline for replacing the timing belt is after 60,000 to 120,000 kilometers driven. As you can see, this is a spacious cute. It is therefore important to visually inspect the belt regularly and to check for any wear.

A timing chain can last a lot longer than a belt. In principle, a distribution chain is maintenance-free and can sometimes last more than 300,000 km. Nevertheless, we recommend that you inspect this chain from time to time. It is possible that the chain tensioner no longer works properly. If the tensioner no longer works properly, the chain will become loose. It can also happen that the chain has stretched and is hanging slack. When the chain hangs too slack, it jumps one or more teeth. This can also often be recognized by a rattling sound in the engine and can cause serious damage to the car. It is then time to replace the timing chain as soon as possible. Replacing a timing belt or chain is highly specialized work. A small mistake often results in engine damage that can become very costly. Our certified technicians have extensive experience with "by the book" replacement of the distribution. That is why your car is in good hands with us.