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When flushing the automatic gearbox, the old contaminated oil is removed from the automatic gearbox with a flushing machine. This is done through a flushing process known as “Flush”. Flushing is done with the engine running and a special flushing machine. A cleaning agent is added during this rinsing process. This ensures that the loosened dirt particles are also flushed out. When flushing, all the old oil goes out and is gradually replaced with new clear oil. While the engine is idling, all gears are shifted smoothly. This allows the fluid to reach all areas of the transmission.

Why flush the automatic transmission?

Flushing removes all oil and residues in the automatic gearbox. This can temporarily solve problems with the automatic gearbox. It is emphatically not a structural solution. Wear and tear in the machine has then taken place and will continue to continue. After flushing, dirt will again enter the machine because certain parts no longer function properly. Flushing an automatic transmission is actually simply an extensive change of the oil in the automatic transmission and no more than that.

Change automatic gearbox oil

Many brands supposedly use a maintenance-free automatic transmission, but this actually amounts to +-200,000 km. This is more of a marketing story, which makes a car cheaper to maintain on paper. All parts of a car undergo wear and tear, including a “maintenance-free” automatic transmission. It is wise to change the oil between 60,000 and 100,000 km, even if this concerns lifelong oil. In addition, a new filter and magnet for the machine. As indicated earlier, this can also be done by flushing, this is only an effective oil change.