Atomizer and Injectors

Every mechanical or electronic part in cars wears out. So also the atomizers and injectors. In general, this process is gradual. Wear of diesel injectors can lead to, for example:

  • decrease in power,
  • increased fuel consumption,
  • smoke development when accelerating,
  • starting problems and
  • nadiesen or
  • "Fuel system fault" light comes on

Wear and tear on injectors and the problems resulting from this usually only occur above 150,000 km. This process can be accelerated by, for example, filling up with a lower quality fuel or sometimes even filling up with the wrong fuel and driving with it.

In addition to regular wear and tear, injectors can also break down “normally” mechanically or electronically. This usually manifests itself almost immediately and often results in the vehicle becoming unusable until the time of repair. You stand still.

A defective atomizer usually translates into no longer opening and/or closing the nozzle properly. The injector can inject too much, too little, the wrong way or at the wrong time.

Consequences of this are:

  • decrease in power
  • limited or no combustion in one or more cylinders
  • smoke development when accelerating
  • you smell the smell of exhaust fumes in the car
  • ticking sounds from the engine
  • irregular running of the engine

In some cases, the engine even cuts out completely. Continuing to drive the car with these types of defects can lead to serious engine damage.


If you suffer from any of the above symptoms, please contact us immediately by telephone for a diagnosis. We then determine exactly what is going on, even if the injectors are not the problem. Do you already know that one or all of your injectors need to be replaced and would you like a quote? Call our office or send us an email. We are happy to talk to you.